No-Stress Order Tracking

An essential for e-commerce websites and customers alike – a quick and simple way to check up on the status of an order.

Save the time of an e-mail back-and-forth by having your Chatbot take all the relevant details and do the checking for you.

How Does It Work?




A user asks your Chatbot for information regarding their order.

Your Chatbot takes the order details and connects to whichever app you use to manage orders and logistics.

The Chatbot passes all of the requested order information on to the customer. 

Your Security Matters to Us.

We take user privacy and data seriously. Everything submitted to us and our Chatbots, whether it’s user information or their customers’ queries, is kept safe and secure on our server so you don’t need to worry about who can access your info.

See It In Action

with these businesses, who have used a Chatbot to save themselves time and money.

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