Chatbots Sound Cool - But What Are They?

It's Fully Automated

Maybe you’ve dealt with customer support live chat on websites before. Chatbots are live chat, but automated. You simply add common questions to the Chatbot’s knowledge base – for example “What time are you open?” – and the Chatbot automatically recognises these questions and answers on your behalf.

Where’s my order?

It has been shipped and is out for delivery!

Is there parking?

Yes! You can park for free in the spaces behind our office.

Has anything arrived in my PO box?

You have a parcel and two letters!

There's a Bot For Every Business!

Whether you run an online shop, have venues for hire, or simply need to keep on top of things in the office, you can adapt your Chatbot to suit the specific needs of your business. 

No matter what your industry is, let your Chatbot do the hard work for you. 

Our Video Explains It All...

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