Update It Yourself

Your Chatbot learns and grows alongside your business. You don’t need to begin with a complicated setup – simply add to the Chatbot’s knowledge base and expand it organically over time.

Noticing that the same questions come up time and time again? Save time and money for your business further down the line by adding it to your Chatbot’s knowledge base!

How Does It Work?




If you notice the same question coming up time and time again, you may decide that it needs to be in the Chatbot’s knowledge base.

Log into your botstack.io dashboard, and add the question using the ‘+’ icon under ‘Knowledge Base’. You can even add video responses!

The question is now in your Chatbot’s knowledge base – and you can add as many questions and answers as you need!

Your Security Matters to Us.

We take user privacy and data seriously. Everything submitted to us and our Chatbots, whether it’s user information or their customers’ queries, is kept safe and secure on our server so you don’t need to worry about who can access your info.

See It In Action

with these businesses, who have used a Chatbot to save themselves time and money.

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