Located in Warrington, The Base is a 50,000 square foot office building, home to a community of small businesses, ranging from 2 – 20 people in size. As well as offices for businesses, it boasts meeting rooms and event spaces so business owners can seriously impress their customers.

The Base is also home to one of our Chatbots! Keep on reading to find out how we’ve helped streamline their operations…

Being home to so many businesses, The Base can get busy – especially at the front desk, which is the gateway to everything else in the building. People come here to make appointments, ask questions, book spaces – and it’s also where letters and packages arrive for every business in our community. Many of them worked from home during the pandemic, and some still have the occasional day or week out of the office.

Having to come into the office just to check our businesses' postboxes is expensive in terms of time and fuel. We needed an alternative.

Chris sorted us out with a Chatbot that would save the cost of a trip. For some of us who live an hour away, that’s a two hour round trip replaced with a quick enquiry to our Chatbot. It makes things so much easier and, most importantly, gives those of us who decide to spend time at home some peace of mind.

It's a Time Saver!




availability with a Chatbot – it’s always there on the website at any hour of the day to help customers.

hours saved so far by having a Chatbot there to deal with everything that can be automated.

queries handled by our Chatbot – that’s a lot of happy customers!

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