Post Room Checking

Working from home is becoming increasingly common these days – but many of us still have offices with post rooms on site.

Save the time and cost of a trip into the office by having your Chatbot keep tabs on your inbox for you.

How Does It Work?




Whoever is responsible for receiving post in your company can name and assign post boxes, and update their status, using our app.

The user requests a post check; the Chatbot asks for their room number/details and checks the room’s status.

The Chatbot informs the user whether they have post to collect, and asks if they would like to mark it as collected.

See It In Action

with these businesses, who have used a Chatbot to save themselves time and money.

Your security matters to us

We take user privacy and data seriously. Everything submitted to us and our Chatbots, whether it’s user information or their customers’ queries, is kept safe and secure on our server so you don’t need to worry about who can access your info.

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