Take Care of Those FAQs.

As business owners, we’re bound to face questions from time to time. Opening hours, stock levels, product information, appointment availability – all these and more are queries that will pop up time and time again.

Think about all the time you spend dealing with these. Now, imagine you could take that time back with a bit of help from a Chatbot. Read on and find out how…

Maybe you’ve dealt with customer support live chat on websites before. Chatbots are live chat, but automated. You simply add common questions to the Chatbot’s knowledge base – for example “What time are you open?” – and the Chatbot automatically recognises these questions and answers on your behalf.

Where’s my order?

It has been shipped and is out for delivery!

Is there parking?

Yes! You can park for free in the spaces behind our office.

Has anything arrived in my PO box?

You have a parcel and two letters!

How Does It Work?




A user comes to the website with a query. If they don’t have the time to go looking, they’ll ask your Chatbot.

Your Chatbot interprets the user’s question and searches its Knowledge Base for the matching question and answer.

The Chatbot sends the answer to the user – and if it can’t find a match, it e-mails you!

Your security matters to us

We take user privacy and data seriously. Everything submitted to us and our Chatbots, whether it’s user information or their customers’ queries, is kept safe and secure on our server so you don’t need to worry about who can access your info.

See It In Action

with these businesses, who have used a Chatbot to save themselves time and money.

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