Everything Chatbot Can Do... and More!

It might look humble sitting down there in the corner waiting for your queries, but our Chatbot is a bot of many talents. Keep on scrolling and see the huge brain behind that friendly face!

Answering All Those FAQs

Our Chatbot is a grafter. Grab back the hours you spend answering the same questions time and time again by letting a Chatbot do the work for you.

Making Sure You Can Call Back

He works hard, and he makes sure people get what they need. Let your Chatbot handle things so you can step away from your phone without fear of customers being unable to get in touch.

Keeping Tabs on Your Post

He can be in multiple places at once – the office, at home, on the go, in your pocket. Check your postbox from any location in the world with a little bit of help from your Chatbot.

Tracking Those Orders

He doesn’t know the meaning of stress. Take the hassle out of checking up on orders with a Chatbot – whether it’s for a customer or for yourself, your Chatbot can make sure that everyone is up to speed.

Managing Bookings

He’s punctual and well organised! Your Chatbot can keep an eye on your calendar and work with customers to ensure that booking a slot is a quick and simple process.

Update It Yourself

He’s all about personal development! Using the botstack.io app, it’s unbelievably quick and simple to tailor your Chatbot and keep him up to date on the needs of your business.

And Much More!

The magic of our Chatbots is that we can tweak them to suit almost any business. So, if the features you see above aren’t quite what you’re looking for, or perhaps there’s something missing, all you need to do is get in touch to find out how a Chatbot can revolutionise your business!

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