Based in St Helens, Merseyside, EasyTots are a multiple award-winning company boasting some of the best weaning and feeding essentials that money can buy. You may even have seen them on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Since being taken under the wing of businesswoman Sara Davies MBE, business has boomed.

How have they coped with such a huge influx of business? Plenty of hard work on their part, aided with help from their very own Chatbot!

Before having the help of a Chatbot, we had to handle repeat questions from customers ourselves. We love interacting with our customers, but answering the same questions again and again individually takes up a lot of our time!

Then Dragons' Den happened and business boomed - and we realised we would need something to help us deal with queries and orders.

We got in touch with Chris, who set us up with our very own Chatbot. It takes care of people’s questions about orders – whether it’s tracking, an item is missing, or something is damaged. It matches customers with the correct products for the highchair they use. And, of course, it takes care of all those FAQs. 

It's a Time Saver!




availability with Chatbot – it’s always there on the website at any hour of the day to help customers.

hours saved so far by having Chatbot there to deal with everything that can be automated.

queries handled by Chatbot – that’s a lot of happy customers!

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