If you want to see the benefit of our Chatbots, look no further than Altspace! A coworking office space based in Altrincham, Altspace has taken our Chatbots to the next level to streamline life for their team.

He may not be a real, flesh-and-blood colleague, but our Chatbot, Spaceboy, was a valuable addition to our team. He’s a friendly face accessible through the simple press of a button, always ready to assist.

He helps our team with all manner of things - what to do if they've broken a cup, how to connect to the printer, what to do if they feel unhappy or unsafe.

Spaceboy is useful on a number of levels – to save time that would otherwise be spent trying to find someone to answer a particular question, to give colleagues the confidence to ask, and for safety as well. If somebody uses Spaceboy because they have a sensitive question, they can feel secure knowing they’ll get the information they need without breaching their privacy.

It's a Time Saver!




availability with Chatbot – it’s always there on the website at any hour of the day to help customers.

hours saved so far by having Chatbot there to deal with everything that can be automated.

queries handled by Chatbot – that’s a lot of happy customers!

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