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Imagine the customer support live chat that you’re so familiar with. Now, imagine that this could be automated – a Chatbot, tackling most of the queries that take up so much of your time; freeing you and your employees to do the jobs that require a hands-on approach.

Wondering how a Chatbot could help your business to thrive? Keep on scrolling…

Key Features


Livechat on your website is great but many people also use other channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Your Chatbot can answer questions on the channels that your customers use which is more convenient for them and better for you.


It’s simple and easy to add questions to the KnowledgeBase. So, if a new question keeps being asked, you just add it to the KnowledgeBase. This way, your Chatbot develops and grows alongside your business – and the more questions that it can handle, the more your business can grow.


If you use other systems such as WooCommerce or Trello, so can your Chatbot! It can be integrated with many of the apps that you need to run things smoothly – another way of freeing up valuable time so you can focus on the important stuff.

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